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Sunday, 30 September 2012

"Thank You For Being A Friend..."

Hello again. I am so glad to be back with you if I'm honest, I have missed you but I have been busy getting the house ready for our visitors on Tuesday, I just hope that they make it all the way here or Jo and I will have put ourselves in a lot of pain for nothing!
So, news first and a couple of announcements from Kenny K.
Today over at Kenny K's Krafty Krew we have a fabulous chance for 10 Brand New followers to win 5 Digi Stamps from Kenny K Downloads and all you have to do is follow the Kenny K's Krafty Krew blog and leave a link to your blog in the linky .
The 10 winner's will be picked at random and announced on Sunday 14th October 2012 on the Kenny K's Krafty Krew blog!
Good Luck Everyone!!!
Also, this week we have some FANTASTIC NEWS!!!

Kenny K Downloads is having a SALE!!!
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So a massive thank you goes out to Kenny and Elena for their unbelievable generosity and Kenny wanted everyone to know that he has been super busy lately and so hasn't had enough time to put out a full new release set of images for September but keep your eyes open for a bumper set towards the end of October, so there's something else to look forwards too eh!.
I wanted to share a memory with you. This one goes back to when I was living in Redcar and I must have been about 10 or 11 years old. Both of my parents used to work and an unfortunate incident with a frozen sausage and a bar heater meant my mother no longer trusted me on my own in the house, consequently I was bansihed to roam the streets until one of them returned home from work. As there aren't a lot of places to go in Redcar during the Winter months I discovered the local Public Library, a place that not only had heating but a coffee shop (this being the early 1970's, by coffee shop I of course mean one cantankerous old woman with a kettle, a jar of instant and halitosis to spare!) and more books than I had ever seen in one place in my life before. I was already an avaricious reader but this place seemed magical to me. They didn't mind which books I looked at or indeed, in which section I wanted. There were a few librarians who took me under their wing and even suggested books for me. On one fateful day, I was given a copy of 'Stig Of The Dump' to read and from that moment on I was an addict. No one had yet to tell me that you could 'legally' borrow books by way of library cards and so on occassion I used to take the book home to read (I ALWAYS returned it though, I just put it in places only I could find so that when I needed it again, I would know exactly where it was!).
Our house (was a very, very, very fine house) was a 3 bed, semi-detached at the end of a street that would honestly have made Coronation Street look glamorous! My bedroom was shaped like a Dairylea triangle and would have made the term box room seem positively Majesterial. It contained a single bed, a small chest of drawers and a tiny wardrobe, adding me literally made the room seem overcrowded. I was never trusted to have a lamp, Mother knew I would have stayed up all night reading! So instead, in order to read at night, I used to harness the power of a street lamp. Fortunately my chest of drawers had a mirror on it and if I left my curtains open just a wee crack, the light from the street lamp would shine onto the mirror and with a bit of angling on my part, I could get the light to bounce onto my bedroom wall and I then had a constant, strong source of reading light (for free!), best of all, Mother never had a clue in all the time we lived in that house!
I used to read 'Stig' so often I swear I knew some of the pages off by heart. It never occured to me that you could actually buy a copy of it, so my love affair was only with the Library's copy and it began to feel like I was lending it to them rather than the other way around. Eventually, I of course purchased a copy of my own and to this day I still love that book and try to read it at least once a year, it only takes a day or two to read and the copy I have now was bought for me by Jo for our first wedding anniversay - the paper one.
I don't know what made me think of that but I really wanted to share it with you, my blog is kind of evolving into a shared therapy session and the feedback I am getting is really poitive so I will carry on sharing until you no longer want me to.
This weeks theme over at the Kenny K Krafty Krew Challenge Blog is #113 - No Squares Allowed! As per usual, I have put my out of the box thinking into overdrive and come up with this decorated paint tin which I bought from Create and Craft a couple of weeks ago. The image used is Princess Pia (available here) and all cardstock is from Core'dinations. The crocheted flower on the lid was made by my good wife and the flowers on the tin and tag are from Wild Orchid Crafts and my stash. I have made the tin as a Thank You for the one workmate who took the time to see how I was doing while I was off sick and I am going to fill it with some choccies for her when I return to work this Thursday for the first time in six weeks.
So that's me then. Another entry finished and I hope it wasn't too much to take in in one go. I will be back in a few days with my first card for Pepalito's, so keep an eye out for that.
Take Care and Hugs 'n Stuff,


  1. Gorgeous tin. Great job Andrew.

  2. Your creations are awesome. You don't happen to have an FB page?


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