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Sunday, 2 June 2013

"Don't Know Much About..."

Much really!
So, things I have learned (learnt?) this week;
My mojo has truly left the building, if anyone sees it then please call my home number.
Our eldest cat is an Evil Genius, so much so that she could be planning to take over Poland as we speak and we would be the last to know.
It's Summer, no Autumn, no Summer, no Winter, no it's Summer again!
Les Dawson hasn't been dead for the last twenty years, he's been hiding away in an ITV closet, just waiting for the chance to revive his career (and to wear the finest suit of blue Pixels money can buy!).
There's no Business like Show Business!
and no matter how hard I might try, I am incapable of being tidy, it's just not in my DNA.
Let me expand on the cat story for you. For the last FOUR and a half years Jo and I have had to live in a house divided.
When we got out two beautiful sisters (Jasmine and Willow), we didn't introduce them to our eldest cat, Georgia, properly and it has been pure hate from Georgie ever since. So much so in fact, that if given the chance to get into the same room as them she goes into full-on schizo mode and only stops when either Jo or I get between them.
To try and minimise the attacks we have had to put Georgia's feeding bowl in the bedroom and the kids (as we call them) get fed in the kitchen. In our Bungalow, the door to the living room has to not only be closed ALL the time, it has to blocked off at night by a tall DIY tool box with a stack of magazines on it (without the mags she can move the tool box by throwing her full body weight at it) and the laundry basket.
So that's the background to my tale. In recent months, Georgia has been turning up in the living room by running round to our next door neighbours garden and then coming into the house via  the kids flap. Fortunately this has so far only happened while the kids have both been out of the house and garden too, so she's been on a mission and it was to poor Jasmine's dismay she put her patience into good use and as soon as she was let out a couple of days ago, she literally shot round to the back of the house and got in through the rear flap, only to go mental on Jazzy. The sound they make is just too horrible for words when they fight, they scream at the top of their voice and listening to my baby  being so scared really got to me.
We have tried to contact Jackson Galaxy (of crappy TV's 'My Cat From Hell' - look out for it on Animal Planet) but have so far had no luck at all, so I guess we just have to carry on eh!
On to this week's card and I hope you like this lovely Nellie Snellen image. It is the first time I have coloured her and her little companion and I really loved doing it too, I used my ProMarkers to do it and the papers are a mix of Basic Grey and Papermania. Flowers are from W.O.C. and the sentiment is from Little Claire. I hope you really like it,
Have a great week and I will see you again soon,
take care.
Hugs 'n Stuff,


  1. Your card is absolutely gorgeous, Andy! I don't think there is any issue with your mojo. Love the colors, diecuts and darling image and of course, your coloring is perfect! I had the same problem with my two girls. They are litter-mates and were best buds when they were younger, but now one of them is so mean! She attacks the other one with a sound you described perfectly. We have to keep them separated if we are not going to supervise them all the time. We tried all the natural remedies (drops in their water and various sprays) to no avail. They will be 15 this summer, so not much we can do at this stage, I guess.

  2. Honestly Andy I have to agree with Carla, your mojo is working just fine hunny. Your card is beautiful and your colouring is as scrumptious as ever so consider this a handslap and stop doubting yourself. Sometimes cards just come easier than others.
    Good luck with the cat situation, I too have had to live in a segregated house before with 2 Old English Sheepdogs on 1 side of the house and 1 more wooly monster on the other so I know how difficult things must be for you.
    On that note it was great to catch up with you and Jo at Lincoln and I send big crafty hugs to you both.

  3. This is a smashing card Andrew. Love it and....I love George too, lol.

  4. Now this sir is my kind of card. Love this image, so beautifully coloured and love your contrasting colours. Great layout and perfect papers.
    Cats certainly are weird creatures. I hardly see mine unless she wants feeding or cuddles. My neice looks after her when I go on holiday. When I got back from Turkey 2 weeks ago you would have thought I was the woman from hell. She wouldn't come anywhere near my and went berserk when I tried to get hold of her. Thank goodness for long armed oven gloves or I would have been scratched and bitten to pieces. She really attacked me. Once home it took her 4 days to decide to talk to me again... she's now back to normal... spoiled and getting her own way too much :)
    Eileen x


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