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Friday, 21 June 2013

"Well I Hope You'll Come And See Me In The Movies..."

Good evening gentle reader, I thought it was time to report back to you about the comings and goings of the last week.
Jo and I have been getting under each others feet lately and struggling to find something to talk about even. At the moment I am on sick leave from work so we are together twenty four seven and while we love each other deeply, sometimes you just need to get out, don't you?
We used to go to the cinema almost weekly before Jo's hip went but since then we have hardly been at all, there is the walk from the Car Park to contend with (the one we always use is currently closed until further notice and there is nothing near by!), the screens all have stairs/steps which she can't manage and even if she went up one level, then there is nowhere for her to put her walking frame!
I love the cinema so much and have missed going to the point of it being almost painful. After giving the dilemma some thought, I came up with the idea of giving The Kinema In The Woods a try. This particular cinema (which is in Woodhall Spa for non-Lincolnshire residents!) was founded in 1922 and still has showings of silent films accompanied by a pianist!
Going there was one of the greatest days of my life (I kid you not!). It is up there with getting married to Jo! There is a ramshackle Car Park in front of a beautifully maintained building (the cinema) and before you even get to the car park you have to travel down a tree lined back road which looks like it belongs in a horror movie! It only has two screens but I found that reassuringly charming but all of that is nothing compared to what is on the inside. As soon as you walk in, you notice the subdued lighting instead of the harsh daylight bulbs modern cinema's use. The smell of the place reminded me of my childhood, I still don't know what that smell is but I think it's a combination of really old seats (the MOST comfortable seat I have sat in for nearly thirty four years), the sweetie counter and happy memories!
Inside the screening room (not too many seats but enough for a decent crowd) there are old fashioned art deco style wall lights and the walls have been painted in the trompe l'oiel style with someone sat in a box seat and bunting everywhere. There is a Grand piano under the screen (complete with candelabra!) and the seats (while incredibly comfortable) are rather narrow for the wider rump.
We saw the new Superman movie 'Man of Steel' which I must report as A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We saw it in it's proper format (i.e. they don't have a 3D screen) and the action and story are just brilliant. Henry Cavill is superb as Superman and in keeping with the tradition of using relatively unknowns he more than surpassed expectations.
So that's my week rounded up - a visit to the cinema - but what a visit it turned out to be, good enough to make my entire week seem busy (and one of those days was spent asleep).
My card is a piccie of Rihanna (taken from my Mimic Creations CR-Rom, available here) and I have tried to make it look like she is on stage. I used my Grand circle die to cut the card out and the ornate Grand circle for the backing paper (I think it's called Rouge de Garance!). The final piece was the umbrella die from Memory Box.
Hope you like it and I will be back again soon,
take care,
hugs 'n stuff,


  1. I'm jealous - that sounds like a fantastic trip to the cinema. It is near impossible to find cinemas like that one now and the new ones just don't have that same atmosphere that the older ones used to (and I'm sure that isn't just because I'm older!) We did have one older cinema but it closed in the past year.
    I love your card - Rihanna looks amazing.
    Hope you are able to get back to work again soon - at least you were able to do some crafting while you were sick.

  2. Sounds as if you had an amazing day Andy. We don't have any old cinemas up here but do still have the Sunderland Empire which has retained most of it's original features inside. The stage was enlarged a couple of years ago and we now get all the major productions from London. Fabulous if expensive nights out.
    Love your card. Great use of colour and design. Bet you wish you lived up here, I live beside the stadium of Light and Rhianna was on last week. If I could have been bothered I could have stood and heard the whole concert for free, but I did catch part of umbrella as I was watering my plants.
    Sorry to read that you are off work again, hope you feel better soon
    Eileen x


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