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Sunday, 17 January 2016

I'm On My Way....

Just a quick announcement to let you, my Gentle Reader, know that I am nearly ready to start posting again. I have been away for over a year and during that time I have had quite a few health problems to deal with and as a result, I found myself to be in a very low spot mentally. 
It turns out that this hasn't proven to be my biggest hurdle so far, I have also been struggling with the worst bout of insomnia I have ever had. I have never really been one for long lie-ins and I usually get up with Jo every morning, who gets up at sparrow's toot in order to feed the cats. Just lately though, I have been getting between 0 and 3 or 4 hrs a night and what sleep I do manage to grab is fragmented and quite simply, rubbish! This has turned me into a Nacoleptic who can fall asleep mid-sentence and I get the trippiest hallucinations ever. For some bizarre reason, my mind has decided that in times of extreme weariness I will see a large black cat, floating upside down in my peripheral vision!!! I have also been know to bring Jo into my conversations with Thora Hurd or rows with Janet Street-Porter. She takes it all in her stride, bless her (she really deserves a medal for what she has had to put up with over the last 12 months). I have learnt to distinguish between real and tired life though and can usually managed to let her know I am talking gibberish.
So as you see, I am learning to live with it and I have even started doing things during the day to fill my time. I just finished making a 1/12 size model of C3-PO (from Star Trek Wars) and am about to start making me very own Stormtrooper too. I also love the grown-up colouring books and we both got a really lovely bake-off book from ASDA this week along with the weekly shop.
I have also been tasked with the job of making my son's wedding invites. I am just waiting for the final details and should have something ready this week, so will definitely be posting those when they are ready.
I will be seeing you again real soon, just check back every 2 or 3 days and I hope you will be happy with what I have done.
Take Care,