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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes....

....Just gonna have to be a different man!

So I'm back! and I really want to try and be a different person to the miserable bugger I've been whilst doing this blog in the past. During my time away I have been through a lot, mentally and physically. The physical side is still a massive problem and I don't really see it changing for quite a while to come, but on the mental health side, things are starting to get a lot better for me and as a by-product it has been better for every one around me (that's mainly Jo at the moment, but when I get back to work my customers should feel the benefit too!!).
There has been no great epiphany, no psychiatrists couch or a long dark night of the soul, just a few pills that seem to have finally kicked in and a lot of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). My technique is to try and head the grumps off at the pass and I won't lie, a few manage to squeeze past me, but generally speaking I don't live in my head nearly as much as I used to. Disney Pixar's Inside Out really helped me, it was a great way to give some of my emotions a character (because I loved Phyllis Smith's interpretation of sadness so much I kind of kept her for myself!), I could then 'have a word' with whatever it was that was getting on top of me, I talked to Sadness quite a lot and usually managed to get her to cheer up a bit. Small victories every day!
So here I am again, making cards and even having a go at doing my son's Wedding Invitations. The first one here is made using just Kraft cardstock and an oddment from my bit box. I haven't put the writing inside just yet as I need approval for a design first, then I can work out what to print and at what size, then it will be all stations go.

Card 1

I have embossed the cardstock first and used an embossing folder from crafter's companion. I have then taken my Couture heart die and very carefully lined it up on both sides of the front flaps, you should eventually get a hint of the invite's writing through the heart. Finally I made a wrap around and used a Wild Rose Studio stamp from their Wedding set and finished the whole look off with a tiny bow, made using a Robert Addams die and a piece of scrap cardstock from my (enormous) bit box.

Card 2

This card also used Kraft cardstock (I have had a ream of the stuff forever and had no clue what to do with it, until now) and a sheet of plain white cardstock. I have used the Tattered Lace Melded Village Church die, which was part of a set of new TL dies sold by Create and Craft (I so want talk about them, however the timing isn't right, but it will be soon though!!), I finished the card off with a Phil Martin flourish in Black Memento and ghosted it in London Fog Memento).
I hope my son and soon-to-be Daughter-In-Law like one of them and that we can get these put to bed sooner now, rather than later!
Anyhoo Gentle Reader, that's enough from me for now, but trust that I am back and will try to get into the swing of things quite quickly.
Take Care of yourself,
Love 'n hugs,