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Sunday, 25 June 2017

"So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye...."


And so it is with a heavy heart I join the long list of people who are saying goodbye to New York's finest, Mr. Kenny Kiernan and his wonderful wife Elena. While I have never met them, I think I can safely count them as friends now. It's amazing how a few e-mails back and forth over the last five years can actually bring you quite close to someone.
Always quick to respond, they both make you feel valued and that your opinion matters to them, which for a challenge blog is really lovely; naming no names, I have worked on several blogs and to be on friendly terms with the people who not only provide you with the most amazing images to work with but who also show a stunning generosity of spirit to their Design Team members is something to be treasured. Such has been my time with the Design Team, both as a member and a guest, I will take some lovely memories with me associated to the cards I have made for their challenges.
Waiting for that email, the one with the images attached, has always been a massive buzz for me. Even before I have seen what I have been sent, I just know it is going to beat anything else out there in the blogosphere. So for my final post working for Kenny and Elena I have revisited a post from 2012. We received 2 copies of the above image (called rather interestingly 'Bow'), one with some pretty classy lingerie on and one in the all-together! I obviously decided to use the more adult one of the two images (adult - yes, classy - hell yeah!!), so after colouring all the skin tones in all I had to worry about colour-wise were her hair, eyes and lips, her garter and oh yeah - the bow!
I tried to keep it simple and hope I have achieved this, I usually leave that up to you though, gentle reader, then I send them out into the world for others to enjoy/hate whichever floats your boat.
Rather than use the image on a card, I managed to pick up a lovely idea from some craft magazine or other and turned the image into a bookmark. So easy to make, these could quite easily be made in bulk and popped into Christmas cards as a little xmas bonus for family or friends alike!
So, it is with a wish for all the very best that life can give Kenny and Elena and their two beautiful children for the future, I hope you will join me, Gentle reader in sending them all huge hugs and some big wet sloppy kisses.
All the best kids, hope you and yours all have reaches that well exceed your grasps.

P.S. Don't forget to visit where all their fabby digi stamps are retailing at an amazing $1 and their clear stamps an even better $3.99!, go fill your boots, or your baskets!
Or, you can visit them on Facebook too, either way, please say goodbye as I am sure it will mean a lot to them.