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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

"Everybunny, Needs Somebody...."

So we are leading up to one of the most memorable moments during my lifetime - the olympics of course! But before we get there we have had to endure the trauma that was the European Football disaster of 2012. Now this is not a Football blog and I don't claim to be a world authority on the beautiful game but I do watch any major tournaments and I can read a game as well as the next man (and in the case of Mark Lawrence apparently better!) and I could tell that our team were a bit of a disaster area. They started out a bit lethargic and I don't think they got much better . We were all meant to bend down and praise Buddah for the inclusion of Wayne Rooney but all I saw was someone who every time he took possession of the ball he immediately gave it away - didn't matter who too as long as he gave it away!
Now we are going to have to put up with Wimbledon and the perpetual disappointment of Andrew Murray. We watched him play today (tuesday, I am writing this and getting ready to publish during the night) and he hammered some Russian player who apparently used to be a big deal once upon a time but clearly looked outclassed from beginning to end. But we're not stupid are we? We all know that as the competition goes on his opponents will get better and better and he will either get knocked out during the quarters or if we are lucky the semi's. By now the country should be riding a sporting high, especially as it has led on from the Coronation celebrations but I reckon by the time the Olympics roll around we are going to be so demoralised having watched all these losers we aren't going to give a tom tit about them.
Well I hope that that doesn't happen because this really is going to be a big deal for us. It is highly unlikely to happen again during my lifetime so let's hope we can all take away some nice memories and be able to look back on what has been a pretty dismal year so far for England and remember all the Gold we are going to win and forget the overpaid, useless footballers and the predictable tennis player and the endless dreadful weather too, let the sun shine in.
On to my card for this weeks challenge at I ♥ Promarkers. The two images are Love Grows From Digi Doodle Shop (the cute tree stump with the heart vines) and Allie and her Bunny from the very brilliant Squigglefly (it has been designed by the rather fabulous artists Cheryl Alger, I love her work, it's simple yet masses of fun and great to colour). Papers are all from my stash and the flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts while the rosette is made using the Tim Holtz Sizzix Die. So I hope you like it and I will be back soon with some more Squigglefly news! If you are wondering why I am not part of this weeks DT on the PM blog it's because I used another image with the Digi Dodle Shop image!! Nobody told me I couldn't do this and I suppose it makes sense, you should always try and promote your image first and foremost - so lesson learnt and I look foreward to joining you as part of the team again next week!!
Take Care.


  1. Aww shame Andy as you have made this card beautifully. Love that yellow bunny!!!, and the tree stump looks great. Have you tried your Prisma pencils yet?
    I must be one of those terrible people who will be glad when the olympics are over. Yes those sports men and women will be doing their utmost to win medals but most of them won't. I guess I'm not really a sporty person, apart from rugby and tennis (yes I love Wimbledon, even if Murray doesn't win).
    At least everything will be shown at a reasonable time this year for those who do like to follow their favorite sports.
    Eileen x

  2. Hi Andy gorgeous card coloured beautifully and the layout is fantastic. Caroline xxx

  3. Andy this card is just adorable! Your coloring is awesome and I love the layout. The flowers with the spray of crystals are just gorgeous!

  4. See, now I was watching the debate on Sky news the other day following the footie, which it suggested it was 'ok to be average' and we should just be happy to get as far as we got.........

    There is something in that I suppose, and maybe pride doesnt allow us to accept we might be just average, but you cant win em all! ;) I also watch most major national tournaments/events, from footie, rugger, cricket, tennis and what-not, but I wont be 'doing' the olympics. I cant face the protracted and blanket coverage so have decided to give it a miss completely! :D lol.

    Your card is super-cute, love these images and you created a great scene too hun! :)

    have a fab weekend,


  5. Hi Andy

    My first visit to your blog and just wnated to say how fantastic your cards are - you are so talented.

    I shall be a big follower of your blog now.



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