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Sunday, 7 October 2012

"I'm Being Taken Over By The Fear..."

Why such a dramatic blog title you ask? Well that's what happens to you when you have an ambulance called out for you at 4:30am.
I went to sleep at around 3:30 (about average for me I'm afraid!) and an hour later I was sat bolt upright with the most horrendous burning sensation in the back of my throat. I have had gastric reflux for decades now so I knew it wasn't just that and after guzzling about half a bottle of Gaviscon and a half a pint of milk I knew I was in trouble when the burning sensation turned into racking coughs which made the throat worse and I was also beginning to struggle to get my breath as well!. I would have just let it go, been a martyr and just suffered through it but Jo was having none of that. She rang 111 which is the first port of call for emergencies that aren't really that bad and after talking to a nurse and then a doctor (who recommended the ambulance!) the decision was made and a few minutes later a Paramedic was hooking me up to all kinds of monitors.
Anyway, I'm still here (although wheezing like a Pawn Shop Squeezebox!) and it turned out to be nothing more than a very serious bout of indigestion. I think it was set off by a very fatty pepperoni pizza; if you folded the slice in half it literally dripped with a runny, red fat, so I won't be eating any more of those for a very long time indeed.
The worst thing about the whole situation though, was that I was off work again, one whole shift after returning to work on Thursday morning. I couldn't have managed to go even if I had wanted to but it made me feel so bad, I can only guess what the managers must be saying about me! I do feel fine today though and will (God willing) be back to work (again) on Thursday morning.
If you cast your mind back a couple of entries ago, I made a tin for the Kenny K blog as a thank you for my friend at work, Tina. Well she loved the tin so much she instantly put it on Facebook for everyone to see and she told me I had a very big heart, which was really nice to hear. She was the only person who called to see how I was while I was on the sick. She is a lady of infinite class and she has a heart of gold, something she so clearly demonstrates whenever any of her friends are found wanting. I value her more as a friend with each passing day and I am so glad she is in my life, I am really blessed.
This weeks card at the Kenny K Kraft Krew blog is for the challenge Black & Orange + one other (autumnal) colour. I have used the very gorgeous Download Diva and a mixed bag of things which were all lying on my table at the time (it's usually covered in crafting goodies anyway, I am the messiest crafter on earth I think!),I have used a chipboard swirl I got from MIC, a black lacy rub-on from Joanna Sheen, a Lily of the Valley sentiment and a couple of my new Spellbinders dies. I like the colours and am quite happy with my colouring of the image but I don't particularly like the finished card, it's not really me and felt a bit rushed, still, you can't love everything you make can you? we all make the odd turkey sometimes and this is my Thanksgiving offering for 2012!
I am off to bed now, there are new episodes of American Dad on BBC3 in five minutes so I can't miss those can I. Anyhoo, I will return soon so take care and hugs 'n stuff,


  1. Sorry you ha ve been unwell :( sounds awful . I used to beget lots of acid while pregnant but no where near as bad as that !! Hubby has some digestive problems but never takes my advise and was suffering last night again - thankfully he has been sensible today .
    Beautiful card LOVE how you have coloured her

  2. Morning Andy,
    Sounds as if you had a really bad night, but that pizza sounds disgusting. I couldn't count the number of times people appeared in casualty thinking they were having a heart attack to be sent home with antacids. Glad you're feeling better now though.
    I don't know why you don't like this card, I think its great. You have coloured her perfectly and WOWWWWWWWW that hair is amazing. Love the colours you have used and great use of the new die cuts. Fab lace rub on.
    Keep smiling and keep well my friend
    Eileen x

  3. Hi Andy, first I apologize for not been around lately, but my OH has been very ill, Keyhole surgery for gall bladder removal, that went wrong and emergency surgery 6 days later to rectify whatever they did at the 1st op, so I spent 2 weeks camping at the Hospital, and it was touch and go for a while, but he is home now. I am so glad your health problem was sorted.
    I have just gone through all your work and you have been busy, I would be here all night if I commented on them all but as always they are all wonderful


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